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Project Description

Ron Schelling (1954) was born in The Netherlands and started as air traffic controller in the Dutch Air Force followed by pilot training.

Flying business aircraft and teaching as flight instructor in Europe and the USA for over 25 years.

Already during his flying career he started in 1983 with commodity trading in Dallas, London and Holland.

He was also involved in Airline Lease Partnerships and early advisory on hedging airline jet fuel price risk.

Since his start in the financial world he has been active in technical analysis and trading systems using the discipline he had learned in aviation.

Today he trades a small private fund and several trading accounts, mostly using Spreads and Arbitrage on Forex and Commodity Futures and advise companies/airlines on hedging Forex and commodity price (Jet Fuel) price risk.

He is a speaker on international technical analysis seminars and founder of 2HEDGE Company,

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